The RACE scale, designed and validated in Catalonia, is being implemented in some regions of USA and other countries as a pre-hospital tool to identify severe stroke patients candidate to endovascular treatment in comprehensive stroke centers.   UPMC – RACE score QI project ( video / pdf ) South Carolina – Stroke RACE ( pdf ) Florida – RACE ( video1 / video2 ) Toledo,… Read More

The RACE scale was implemented in September 2014 in the Stroke Code protocol in Catalonia after an online trainning program for EMS technicians, phisicans and nurses. During the following months the RACE scale has been evaluated progressively in a higher number of patients, achieving at present 75% of the patients with activation of the Stroke Code by… Read More

The RACE scale was validated prospectively in the field by trained medical emergency technicians in 357 consecutive patients transferred by EMS. Neurologist at the receptor Stroke Center evaluated stroke severity (NIHSS scale) and Large Vessel Occlusion (intracranial carotid, proximal middle cerebral artery, tandem occlusion or basilar occlusion).   The RACE scale showed a strong correlation… Read More