Revalidation of the RACE scale after its region-wide implementation in Cataluña

Published in J Neurointerv Surg 2018 (Carrera et al)

In a sample of 1822patients with stroke code activation, it is confirmed that the RACE scale is an effective tool to identigy patients with large vessel occlusion who are candidates for endovascular treatment (AUC 0.76).

In addition, the study shows that, in patients with RACE>4 (suspicion of large vessel occlusion), direct access to an endovascular center multiplies by 2.4 the probability of receiving the treatment compared to its transfer to a closer center, requiring in these cases a transfer between hospitals.


The RACE scale has been also externally validated in other areas:

Suburban/rural EMS Service in Texas

PRESTO trial, Duvekot et al (prospective validation – Lancet Neurology)

Nguyen et al (prospective validation – JAMA Neurology)


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