Revalidation of the RACE scale after its region-wide implementation in Cataluña Published in J Neurointerv Surg 2018 (Carrera et al) In a sample of 1822patients with stroke code activation, it is confirmed that the RACE scale is an effective tool to identigy patients with large vessel occlusion who are candidates for endovascular treatment (AUC 0.76).… Read More

New online course about acute stroke, where you can be trained on the RACE scale. Available by free on the virtual campus of the University of Barcelona. To register, follow the instructions (tutorial)… Read More

The RACECAT trial aims to evaluate the hypothesis that direct transfer to an Endovascular Stroke Center, compared to transfer to the closest Local Stroke Center, offers a better outcome in the distribution of the modified Rankin Scale scores at 90 days in acute ischemic stroke patients with clinically suspected Large Vessel Occlusion identified by Emergency… Read More

Pre-hospital triage of patients with suspiction of cerebral large vessel occlusion is the first step to implement rapid and direct transfer protocols to comprehensive stroke centeres where the patients can recieve endovascular therapy.   Several international recomendations have been published about triage and transfer algorithms of patients with a suspiction of large vessel occlusion: European… Read More

Internacional experiences related with the implementation of the RACE scale UPMC – RACE score QI project ( video / pdf ) South Carolina – Stroke RACE ( pdf ) Florida – RACE ( video1 / video2 )   Related articles using the RACE scale Schlemm et al – BMC Neurol 2018 Zhao et al – Stroke 2017 van Gaal et al – Int Journal of… Read More

The RACE scale was implemented in September 2014 in the Stroke Code protocol in Catalonia after an online trainning program for EMS technicians, phisicans and nurses. Since then, the RACE scale has been evaluated progressively in a higher number of patients, achieving at present 90% of the patients with activation of the Stroke Code by EMS. The… Read More